Our company  as aforemetnioned distributes 5,000 tons of apples of all varieties. The red varieties dominate occupying 60% followed by green apples Agia considered the best in Greece for their color, their flavor and their resistance to cold. Recently began to take up increasingly serving as colored varieties Gala, Fuji and Jonagold. Apples stored under controlled atmosphere conditions and formulated in different packages depending on the preferences of each customer.


Its a fact that the heart of cultivating Pears “beats” in Tirnavos. A key role in the surge of cultivation of Pears in this region played the microclimate of the region, the experience of the farmers and the availability of modern storage units and standards. All Together they created a mixture that led this region to the domination of the production in Greece for the quality and quantity of pears. The variety of  pears arei mainly crystal followed by Santa Maria, the Kosi and Kontouli. Standardisation of pears is by weight and claims in different packages.



     Our company is being supplied fruits from producers of Agia and in particular Melivia which produces early and vintage cherry variety burlat .In late June complements the quantities needed cherries from Kozani towers.


Tyrnavos is famous for its overripe varieties Francois, Queen Crest, May Crest, Gloria and others because the color and flavor make it as one of the most modernized peach production areas. Our company has a strong presence in this area as it sells each year more than 600 tonnes of peaches relying on a group of producers that have been supplying us with their production.



The kiwi is a fruit that provides the body with a lot of vitamines. Contains 7 times more vitamin C than lemon. In Greece intensively cultivated areas of Katerini, Imathia, Kavala, Arta, Lamia and Larissa (Pinios Delta) .It is one of the fruits that successfully export as Greeks for years and we are being  respected even by  the Italians which  are the leading global market power in kiwi production. Our company are at  a high quality standards in that fruit because 80% of the quantity traffics addressed to the domestic market provided the bulk of kiwi fruit by the municipality Pyrgetos where are demonstrably the better kiwifruit of Greece in terms of taste and color scheme resistance in the refrigerator. The distribution of kiwifruit lasts until mid-June and kiwi maintained in our own facilities.


In the area of Tyrnavos are being cultivated varieties like cardinal, muscat and rempie, which our company sells and distributes domestically and abroad.



Our company is being supplied from the same area as with  vanilla and plums. The three varieties, black beauty, black diamond and angelino, that are being distributed in the marker are more than 200 tons per year with an upward trend.


The chestnuts are harvested in the autumn. Our company is being supplied 100 tons from the area of Agia Melivia and distributes  domestically.



Our company in present time acquires all varieties of nectarines covering the whole summer and September with Yellow flesh Adriana, Big top, Red gold, Venus morsiani 50-60-70-90 and whitefish Kaltezes 2000 and 2010. The movement exceeds 1000 tonnes per year with an upward trend.


We are being supplied and distribute 500 tons of apricots variety bempekou from the area of Tyrnavos.