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     The company Th.Chatzidakis career in the field of wholeshale trade and standardization of fruits, with long experience in the field. Company founder was Theodore Hatzidakis. It began operating in 1990 as a family business, concerning the wholesale trade of fruit. After many years of successful activity in the area, it was decided to extend it to the industry standardization and packaging of its products.


       The company TH. Hatzidakis has modern cooling chambers with a total capacity of 8000 tonnes of fruit and packaging with 3 modern electronic filers fruit and employs approximately 40-60 employees permanent or seasonal. Every year manages about 10000 -11 000 tons fruits procured mainly from the area of Tyrnavos but also from other parts of Greece as St. Larissa, Kastoria, Kozani Towers, Alexandria Imathia Katerini.


        ISO 22000:2005 This standard sets out the requirements, pursuant to which the Th.Chatzidakis AU should work so that the final product and / or service to be deemed satisfactory both from customers and from other interested parties. These requirements cover the whole spectrum of its activities Th.Chatzidakis SA from the design and development of new products and services to the after-sales service. The development and implementation of Quality System according to ISO 9001 is proof of: 1. the company’s ability to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements. 2. the effort of the company to increase customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement and to ensure compliance with customer requirements.

       The distribution of the company’s fruit products are being made by  our Branch office KL K 28 – 30. Our branch can meet your needs by providing the best quality of our products at low prices. K 28-30 still ensures the completeness of products throughout the year. A visit will convince you .. Telephone: (+30)210 4838195

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